- Oppose Runaway Taxes & Spending

- Oppose the "Fair Tax"

- Support our Law Enforcement

- Work to Improve the Lives of Seniors, Veterans, and People with Disabilities

- Pro-Life

- Pro-Second Amendment 

- Support Fair Maps and Redistricting Reform

- Oppose Red Light Cameras

- Oppose the Haymarket in Itasca

Standing Against Runaway Taxes & Spending

Like many, I believe that taxes and spending in Illinois have gone way off the rails. As a business and homeowner I see first hand the effects of runaway spending and taxes. You need no more proof than this than the thousands of people that are leaving our state every year. Our runaway taxes and spending are making our state less competitive and are squeezing every family. Illinois has the second highest property taxes in the nation to go along with high income taxes, local taxes, sales taxes, gas taxes, and tollway costs. It's time to start reforming.

Working for Strong Education

I believe that one of the keys to a successful future for our state and our communities is our investment in education. I also believe that runaway spending puts our education system at risk. In order to secure a strong education system for our future, I believe it starts with spending reform. Our state is going to need funds to improve our education system with new ways of learning and technology, but if we keep up our wasteful spending; our education system will get left behind other to other states.

Improving the Safety of Our Communities

Public Safety is a primary function of government. I believe that we need to work with our police and first responders to provide the best possible resources, technology, and support. I will work with every department to ensure that they have what they need from the state in order to combat crime and the deadly opioid crisis. Our local police and the DuPage County Sheriff's Office have been working very hard to stop this crisis with new methods and technology. I want to be sure this continues.


I also am strongly opposed to House Bill 1615 which would essentially decriminalize felony murder. This bill is yet another terrible piece of legislation from Springfield, and it is being opposed by law enforcement all across the state.

In addition, I believe that the safety of our communities is also threatened by the legalization of marijuana. Our law enforcement organizations do not have a clear way to enforce this law which will result in more danger on our roads.

Improving Everyone's Quality of Life

Everyone in our communities and state deserve a strong quality of life. My office will work to ensure that our seniors and veterans have a strong advocate for their needs with the state of Illinois. I also believe if we get our runaway spending under control, we can even further improve our state services.

I will also be a strong advocate for people and families of people who have physical disabilities. My sister Rosa was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and I personally know the struggle that person and family can go through. I will look to communicate with families to understand what legislation that I could propose that would provide relief and service.

I will also oppose developments and projects that impact the quality of life and property values of our communities like the Haymarket proposal in Itasca. I have attended the various hearings on the project. I believe the Haymarket organization does a great job in providing services, but I also believe that this specific project is flat out wrong for Itasca.

Standing for Our Constitutional Rights

Our Constitution has granted all citizens the right to life, the right to bear arms, and the right to free speech. I will always stand for these rights and oppose any legislation that would limit them.

Working for Government Reform

I support the current ballot proposal that would make the drawing of political districts bipartisan. We need Fair Maps in Illinois to stop gerrymandering and the creation of district maps that only favor one party. The success of this initiative could strongly help in the reform of Illinois government. 

I also believe that our towns unfortunately take advantage of citizens with the use of red-light cameras. I will support any legislation to make them illegal.


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